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Buy OpenVZ Virtual Private Server (VPS) In Germany. DC "Voxility"

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The number of businesses utilizing a VPS in Germany is increasing every year. The reason for this move is mainly the low latency and fast response times offered by German servers, as well as the short access times for AJAX based websites. In addition a German server is moving a business closer to its German customers, as they will have a server located directly in the vicinity of them. In addition, the German IP Address, assigned to the servers will allow access to pages restricted in other contries while also making the business showing up as German on the internet. These are only some of the advantages a German server. Please check out our website for more detailed information. OpenVZ nodes are built with enterprise hardware and never oversold. All OpenVZ nodes are hosted on reliable powerful dedicated servers and operated by a simple to use control panel. With multiple templates available and reinstall at the click of a button you can ensure our OpenVZ VPS in Germany are the right choice for you. Standard delivery time: 2 hours - 5 business days. IP Address: 1 IPv4. Port 100 Mbps / 1gbit.

DC Voxility OpenVZ NG-256 OpenVZ NG-512 OpenVZ NG-768 OpenVZ NG-1024 OpenVZ NG-2048


2 CPU Cores 2 CPU Core's 3 CPU Core's 4 CPU Core's 4 CPU Core's


256 MB RAM 512 MB RAM 768 MB RAM 1 GB RAM 2 GB RAM

Burst RAM

512 MB RAM 1024 MB RAM 1.5 GB RAM 2 GB RAM 4 GB RAM


30 GB 40 GB 60 GB 70 GB 80 GB


1000 GB 2000 GB 3000 GB 3500 GB 4500 GB
Location Germany Germany Singapore
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Operating Systems (OpenVZ Virtual Private Server (VPS) In Germany)

Control Panels for VPS

Direct Admin
ISPmanager Lite
Lite 5 - 8$/monthly
Business - 18$/monthly

Choose your Operating System, install your own packages, customize anything and everything. Our no-control panel VPS is everything advanced users want in a VPS, and nothing more. Why pay extra for memory-intensive control panel interfaces if you know it all? This VPS account is not for the faint of heart and most administration will need to be performed from the command line. Definitely not for users who are less incline with linux. Also referred to as a Virtual Dedicated Server, a VPS (Virtual Private Server) empowers you with the flexibility and freedom of a dedicated server at a fraction of the cost. Unlike shared hosting which uses a single file system shared by all users, a VPS, like a dedicated server, resides in private environment with its own independent operating system, web server, mail server, and software instances. VPS plans give businesses the reliability, scalability, and security of hosting on an enterprise-quality dedicated server. With root access, you have full control. You can install any software or make practically any OS-level configuration change.