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Buy KVM SSD Virtual Private Server (VPS) In Ukraine. Data Center "Lucky"

Buy XEN Virtual Private Server (VPS) In Ukraine

Ukrainian data center offers a virtual dedicated servers. Using them, you can take advantage of the VPS: A virtual server can be easily scaled. If your project does not have enough computing power of a virtual server, the more power you can make a few minut. No need to transfer software and data, as in the case of migration to another physical server. If necessary, the virtual server can get almost all the computing power of the physical server. Reliability. VPS are placed in a cluster infrastructure that supports high-availability. Even in the event of a host (physical server that hosts the virtual server), virtual server is automatically started on another available host in the cluster. Also VPS hosting service is often compared to the service host. The main difference lies in the fact that you get a full server with root access, you can customize on your own, and a separate ip-address. You can install on any server software you want. VPS in Ukraine is much wider than a typical hosting service as it can be used to create a terminal server for small and medium-sized businesses. Data Center Lucky constructed in accordance with the standards and safety regulations of the data objects. Virtualisation KVM. Bandwidth unlimited. Platform: Hewlett-Packard DL120 G6. CPU: Intel Xeon X3430 4x2.4 GHz. RAM: 16 Gb DDR3 ECC. HDD: 4x500 Gb SATA (Western Digital Raid Edition 4), hotswap, (Software RAID 1+0) Usually activation of VPS occurs within 24 hours after payment. Guaranteed activation time 3 days.



1 Core 2 Core 3 Core 4 Core 8 Core


512 mb 1 GB 2 GB 4 GB 8 GB


10 Gb 20 Gb 40 Gb 80 Gb 120 Gb
Connection 1GB/s shared 1GB/s shared 1GB/s shared 1GB/s shared 1GB/s shared
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Operating Systems (KVM SSD Virtual Private Server (VPS) In Ukraine)

Control Panels for VPS

Direct Admin
ISPmanager Lite
Lite - 8$/monthly
Business - 18$/monthly

Rent VPS will allow you to get an additional advantage over conventional hosting, if you do not have experience in server administration, you had better order a vip hosting. VPS server is available for rent in Ukraine, you will soon be able to rent a VPS server in other countries. Our VPS in Ukraine are placed in a safe DC Ukraine have a backup power supply and connected to global telecom operators. This services are ideal for private and company customers that are looking for a more secure and anonymous service. Our experienced technicians will setup your vps with the selected Operating System. UnManaged VPSes are recommended for experienced users. We offer KVM unmanaged VPS Hosting built with Brand Name Genuine Hardware. With a high speed network and powerful, well equipped machines, we offer a competitive deal for all customer segments.