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Buy KVM SSD Windows Virtual Private Server (VPS) In Ukraine. DC "Russ"

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KVM SSD Windows Virtual Private Server (VPS) In Ukraine. The most of our facilities located at commercial datacenter in Kiev. The datacenter matches level TIER2+. Below you can find some facts about datacenter and see what exactly allow us to deliver you premium quality services. Aggregation switches HP ProCurve & border router Juniper. 100% network uptime delivered by 3 independent upstream providers: Cogent, Datagroup, Topnet. Two independent inputs (EACH 600 KILOWATT) from different stations with dedicated electricity transformer substation. KVM virtualization, no "overselling". VPS on RAID mirror.

DC Russ WinDel-1 WinDel-2 WinDel-3


1 core (Xeon) 1 core (Xeon) 2 core (Xeon)




15 Gb 20 Gb 30 Gb
Bandwidth 2 TB 2 TB 2 TB
OS Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard (64 bit)
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Rent VPS will allow you to get an additional advantage over conventional hosting, if you do not have experience in server administration, you had better order a vip hosting. VPS server is available for rent in Ukraine, you will soon be able to rent a VPS server in other countries. Our VPS in Ukraine are placed in a safe DC Ukraine have a backup power supply and connected to global telecom operators. This services are ideal for private and company customers that are looking for a more secure and anonymous service. Our experienced technicians will setup your vps with the selected Operating System. UnManaged VPSes are recommended for experienced users. We offer KVM unmanaged VPS Hosting built with Brand Name Genuine Hardware. With a high speed network and powerful, well equipped machines, we offer a competitive deal for all customer segments.